dreaming (and doing) big: launch your life.

This year has been the year of dreaming (and doing) big. We're just eight and a half months in, and - in those few short months - I've moved 1,300 miles with my honey, launched my business in Seattle, and got engaged to the man of my dreams.  I've tried new fitness routines, signed up for courses, and danced my way into a beautiful community. I've realigned my diet, lost a few extra pounds, got serious clarity on my life's purpose, and dove headfirst into the magical world of natural medicine. Dreaming big, doing big.

But, the truth is, if you'd asked me 10 months ago what my move to Seattle would bring, my answer would have been a fuzzy fraction of the beautiful freedom-filled focus I've encountered this year. 

Last November, as my partner and I began planning our mid-December move to Seattle, I found myself smack-dab in the middle of a what-the-heck-do-I-do-next semi-crisis. In ending my work with a Flagstaff non-profit, packing up our valuables and journeying back to one of our favorite cities to build a life in the Pacific Northwest, I was now faced with an entire ocean of possibilities. There was an exhilarating and exhausting freedom before me, excitement mixed with an anxious fear. What do I do next?

We're starting fresh. Do I apply for and get a full-time job in something I know how to do already? Should I wait until the perfect moment to begin pursuing a business? Or do I use this move as a starting point for small business ownership and the life that I've always dreamed of?

On one hand was the very real financial reality of moving to a new city, not to mention the deep-seated fear that I might not succeed. Building this endeavor would take months, years. Was it just too big? Maybe I should wait... 

On the other hand sat my dream of small business ownership, the inkling (which inevitably became a full-blown waterfall) of desire for financial freedom, flexibility and heart-fueled work. Gah, but I love this. I love coaching, adore my clients. I have big dreams and desires to match.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
— Earl Nightingale

Just like my decision to start my business, I've used this as a mantra for other goals and dreams.

I wanted to start eating healthier. Rather than waiting for a Monday or the 1st of the month, I'll start with dinner tonight. By the time that Monday or the 1st rolls around, I'll be that much closer to my goal. I wanted to build financial freedom through my business. Today, I'll connect with 2 people. Tomorrow, another two. By this time next month? I'll have 60 more connections and friendships. I wanted to build community. Rather than waiting for friendship to find me, I'll plan a girl's night at my house. This weekend comes a heck of a lot sooner than someday. I wanted to feel radiant and empowered, centered and engaged. I'll do things, plan things with actual due dates, things that make me feel that way today

A few months ago, I read Jeff Olson's The Slight Edge, which discusses success as a curve. With each decision, each step towards your goal, your success increases exponentially. While you may not see the impact of working out daily, eating healthy or making those connections today, tomorrow or next week, every consistent step brings you exponentially closer to your goal, dream, desire. Not taking the steps? You move away from that goal. There is no standing still. You're either moving closer or farther away. The time will pass anyway.

What about you? Got a dream you've got percolating? What small step can you take today? Create a list of three 15-minute steps o' desire. It can be as simple as saving $20 a week for your dream vacation or reading a chapter of a book each day. Build in a 20-minute walk each morning or finally invest in yourself and your health. It could mean calling a friend or colleague who launched a dream or getting that coffee date on your calendar. Start the conversation, register for the class, get moving. Start small. Start somewhere. The time will pass anyway.

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