Cut it out.

A few months ago, this gem popped up in my email inbox and, with it, this mantra o' success: 

"What you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing." - Danielle LaPorte

That little phrase floated lightly into my subconscious and has been taking root ever since. With the transition of moving (back) to a new city, creating an intentional community of friends, and building a soul-centered business -- most of my week consists of go, go, go, do, do, do. It's all about the forward push, the to-do list, the goal setting and dream visioning. What will I do this week, this month, this year?

Don't get me wrong, those questions are important. Without a destination, a guiding vision or a set of desires in place, you won't get anywhere... much less where you want to go. But what about all of those do-ings and go-ings that actually limit our potential? What about the habits, thought patterns and items on the to-do list that confine us? What about those things that we don't need to be doing and are slowly but surely stealing little bits of our light?

For me, it's taken months for my Stop Doing List to take shape. I've added to it as time has gone by, reshaping and recognizing the things that really hold me back, the things that literally suck the energy from my day, and the things that - just by letting them go - will set me on the path to freedom. 

What's on your list? What habits are holding you back from living your best life? Thought patterns that are keeping you stuck? What to-do's could you hire out or delegate to open yourself up to truly loving your life? After all, you only get one.

So here it is, y'all: my Stop Doing List. Aka how to cut the shit out of my life. Share your's below in the Comments Section!

I will stop...

  1. Wearing clothes that don't make me feel amazing. It's not worth the money and it's definitely not worth walking through a day feeling awkward, uncomfortable or confined.
  2. Forcing myself to read the whole book. If I don't like it, I don't like it. I get to move on.
  3. Pushing the pause button on my heart pursuits. I only get one life. Far too often, I allow fear to close the door on the stuff that gets me really juiced. 
  4. Eating high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). That shit is poison, y'all. 
  5. Embracing my inner fear-mongers. Whether they're telling me that my work isn't good enough, that others will judge, or that I just can't cut it, they're not worth the time, the emotional energy or the respect.
  6. Being in relationships and friendships that dim my light. These people aren't friends or partners, they're chains that will weigh you down and keep you from living a life that you love.
  7. Hitting the snooze button. I love early morning workouts and feeling ridiculously amazing for the rest of the day. To more daylight and all-day energy, I'll say YES.
  8. Apologizing. No more apologizing when it's not my fault. No more apologizing when it isn't anyone's fault. No more apologizing for speaking the truth (with kindness). Phew, this is a hard one. 
  9. Rejecting affirmation in an attempt to be self-deprecating. I'm awesome, beautiful, phenomenal, radiant, and, best yet, me. Rejecting compliments (like I've been societally trained to do) is neither honest or kind. I'm letting myself be loved.

Just writing the list is freedom, clarity and energy. 

Start with what you love, desire, crave. The stuff that gives you juice, and the biggest bang for your emotional, financial and physical buck. What are you crazy passionate about? What feels natural, life-giving, healing to do? Bonus question: Can you make a living at it?

Anything that doesn't ring your bell, turn you on, feel like a YES, anything that's not on your Must-Do List or hits hard with a resounding NO... well, it just might be time to cut that shit out. Free yourself, fuel yourself, and release the weight.