Happy Green Girl DIY: Bathtub Scrub

I collect jars. It sounds totally freakin' weird -- weirder when you open my cabinets and see them filled with cleaned out jam jars, salad dressing containers, and the jars that once held my favorite spaghetti sauce. My newest favorite are the glass Bucha jars that were once filled with delicious fermented kombucha -- and now house some seriously phenomenal homemade soda (or "faux-da"). But the jars don't just sit lonely and purposeless. My collection is a reflection of my love for eco-friendly, non-toxic living. 

Rather than relying on toxic plastics (seriously though, y'all, get rid of your plastic leftover containers... the toxic exposure is not worth the convenience) or buying brand new, I'm a fan of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" -- emphasis on the "reuse" in this case. One of many ways to save the environment, your health, and your hard-earned money at the same time!

Last weekend, all ready and rarin' to get down and make some deep cleaning happen in our apartment, I realized that I was plumb out of my favorite non-toxic bathtub scrub. Rather than running out to grab another bottle, I decided to relish the opportunity to use what I had on-hand to create my own! So, after some serious research, I grabbed a jar and created this DIY magic mixture. Seriously fool-proof and, best of all -- since I had everything on-hand -- totally free. 

DIY Bathtub Scrub


3/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup liquid castile soap**

1 TBSP water

Combine all three ingredients in a glass jar with a lid, mixing until it has a paste-like consistency. You can add water to thin, as desired! Apply to surface and scrub with a wet sponge, rinsing off to clean. See?! Didn't I tell you? Fool proof. 

Since then, I've used this magic mixture to clean my sinks, as well! Super flexible. Super easy.

FYI, You all know that I love me some essential oils. If you want to add EO's to this mixture for an anti-microbial, yummy-smelling twist, some great oils are: lemon, melaleuca and On Guard! 

**Castile soap is a non-toxic, eco-friendly soap made from vegetable oils. It's great for the skin, hair and household cleaning, totally biodegradable and typically vegan (not tested on animals). My favorite brand is Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap. It's fair-trade and organic and my absolute favorite daily body wash. I had the peppermint scented soap on-hand, but you could use any of the variety of scents for this recipe!

(Some recipes that I found added vinegar to the mix and, while vinegar and castile soap are great cleaners on their own, my advice would be not to combine them. Adding vinegar breaks the soap down into its original oils. Not so effective.)

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