The best kept secret.

When I was in college at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, I was often asked where I came from (a common question, since the students at Georgetown come from seriously crazy cool places all around the globe). Whenever I would tell my new acquaintance or professor that I was from Seattle (ok, so I grew up in Woodinville, but no one knows my sleepy little tree-town -- now notably more famous as a wine-lovers destination), I inevitably got one of two replies: 

One: Oh my gosh, how do you deal with all. that. rain? I couldn't handle it.


Two: That's so cool. Every single person I've ever met from Seattle loves it and can't wait to go back.

Truth is, I'm with one of those people that is truly, madly, deeply in love with my town. And I actually love the rain. Mmm... and all that green. I haven't visited many places where you can get sun, water, rain, mountains, and farmland all in the course of a day. The rest of the city might hate me for saying this, but Seattle summers are our best kept secret. I can't imagine a more spectacular place to spend the summer months -- and this month has been nothing short of beautiful. It's inspired mid-day picnics, long evening walks and an intense desire to get outside, to do anything to get some of that Seattle sunshine. The photo above is Wednesday evening's sunset from our neighborhood scenic hotspot -- it's not just me. We're all driven by the magical power of the Seattle summer to get outside to enjoy the beautiful, breezy evenings. 

But whether you're in Seattle or San Diego, Brooklyn or Miami, summer is the perfect time to hop on the health-bandwagon and use that vitamin D-fueled motivation to get your hands on some happy-hearted wellness. 

What are you doing this weekend to get on the happy-train? This weekend, I'm making time for coffee with old friends, sweet summer walks, and lazy shave ice parties with the family -- all fueled by some old-fashioned sweat-sessions at the gym and outside and delicious salads and sammies (cause who want's to cook in the heat?!). 

Here is some good stuff to get you rollin' into the weekend with laughter, happy inspiration and style...

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We were together, I forget the rest. Heart happy goodness.

Love, light and everything nice.

xo Kate



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