Happy Green Girl DIY: Summertime bug bomb.

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Every August, for the past 15 plus years (whoa...), my amazing dad takes us -- along with a menagerie of friends, family, and sweethearts -- to Moran State Park on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands. The weekends spent camping in those woods, tucked up in the hills or nestled on the edge of the lake, make up some of my favorite memories.

Along with long hikes, s'mores and hours splashing along the shoreline, summertime has always meant the pesky resurgence of one thing... mosquitoes.

While it's true that mosquitoes and other bugs target some of us more than others, when summertime comes a-callin', with it's warm evenings and muggy temps, we all need a little protection! But... Cue the music o' disappointment... most conventional skeeter repellents use DEET, a known toxin

So, with the help of doTERRA International, and their crazy cool exclusive blend of 15 oils, we're bringing to you what has got to be the world's easiest DIY Bug Repellent. And, believe me, I'm a big fan of easy.

DIY So-Easy Summertime Bug Repellent

The essential ingredient for this DIY recipe is doTERRA's TerraShield® -- a proprietary outdoor blend of 15 essential oils combined with fractionated coconut oil, which allows for easy and effective application of the oils!  In addition to a super-effective mosquito repellent, TerraShield® helps to eliminate other household pests, from fruit flies to spiders, ants to flies.


While TerraShield® can be applied directly (and easily) to the face and exposed skin, if you're looking for it to go a little farther than its 15mL bottle, combine about 35 drops of TerraShield® (there are about 250 drops in a 15mL bottle) with 3 oz. of water in a glass spray bottle*. Shake prior to each application to combine and spray on exposed skin and clothing! Reapply every few hours for continued protection.

This recipe, with the price of a spray bottle, comes out to a whopping $6.64 (and the bottle makes up $5.24 of that)! That's $1.40 for a reliable, non-toxic mosquito repellent. Not bad, eh?

Our trip to Orcas Island is fast approaching, so I've made sure to add a couple bottles of TerraShield® to my doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Order for this month! Do you have yours?

*When using essential oils, especially with citrus oils, remember to store them in metal or glass containers! The citrus oils, in particular, may cause the plastic to erode.

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