Every morning, while I make the rounds through my email accounts, I anxiously look forward to my daily #TRUTHBOMB from the ever lovely Danielle LaPorte.  Never more than a few words, the Truth Bombs provide a centering thought to begin the day.  

Just the other day, I clicked through and was met with this reminder: "Your body is a miracle." 

Whoa. I felt my whole soul relax into the thought. Mmmmm. I'm almost certain that my sigh was audible from the next room. Your body is a miracle. How often I forget.

In that moment, I was caught on the deeply-freeing stream of self-compassion -- remembering and appreciating how my body has, in fact, been miraculous. Running, playing, creating. I spent time loving my arms for giving me the power to carry and hold and embrace, loving my soft curves for their cushion and comfort, loving my legs for carrying me to incredible places. My body truly is a miracle.

I kind of like that stream of self-compassion, caught up in what makes me spectacular and somehow even more lovingly aware of what makes you spectacular, as well. Who wants to come join me? 

Get caught up. What makes your body a miracle? Leave a comment below!

Kate McCarthyComment