To love another person is to see the face of God.

About a month ago, there was a video making its way around the internet about individuals who applied for the hardest job in the world -- 24 hours, no vacations, clean up constantly, can't eat unless your "client" is eating, no pay, very little appreciation -- and it turned out that the "job" that was being described was the incredible work of a mother.  So, this weekend it's time to celebrate... and maybe do a little of that work for her!

My mom is incredible -- I'm pretty sure that she just gets funnier with time.  She's honest and compassionate, deeply philosophical and passionately in love with her children.  She continues to proclaim (even when we give her attitude) that she learned how to love the moment she became a mother.  She uses Victor Hugo's quote to capture her heart: "To love another person is to see the face of God."  

This weekend, since we're past the time when she would actually find a day alone at home an inviting rarity, we're showering her with an afternoon at home surrounded by her three girls, with a guest appearance via FaceTime from the boy who gives her joy, my brother.

In honor of motherhood -- even if it's an unofficial title, a honorable mention or the mom of furry children -- here's some of the best from the 'net this week...

...Now I want to visit Vancouver and stop in at a company that believes in embracing your body.

...I got a little caught up in the TEDTalks this week.  Here's one of my faves: measuring what makes life worthwhile.

...What it would look like if the diet industry were to say sorry.

...The theory of awesomeness. An infographic.

...Could you and your partner pass a U.S. immigration marriage interview?


With love, joy, and gratitude,

xo Kate.