Grateful for enough.

I sat down to write... and all that emerged was gratitude.  I wanted to find the newest research or seek out the deepest reflection... and all that I could see was appreciation.

As I sipped my tea this morning, my thoughts did not drift to to-do tasks or grocery lists.  As I sat down for dinner, it was not the food on my plate that I consumed.  It was an overwhelming, undeniable, completely encapsulating thankfulness.

For some reason -- maybe it is because I have written on the subject of gratitude before, or maybe it's some lofty expectation that I have for myself -- I did not think that it passed muster for a post.  For some reason, I told myself that the expression of gratitude was, inexplicably, not enough.

But, for me, right now, it is more than enough.

I am grateful for, and so utterly aware of, 
the steps along the path that prepared me for this moment. 

I am grateful for friendships that, despite time, distance, and change,
are founded in pure love.
I am grateful for goodnight kisses and good morning 'I love you's'.
I am grateful for cuddles with puppies and kitten kisses.
I am grateful for the challenge, for those that disagree.
I am grateful for family, for love, for knowing how to heal each other.
I am grateful for best friends, for old friends.
I am grateful for vegetable gardens and moments connected to the earth.
I am grateful for long walks and spontaneous sprints.
I am grateful for sweet puppy dog snores.
I am grateful for those that inspire me, 
even when they have no idea that they do.

I am grateful for lectures, and books, and learning.
I am grateful for passion and drive.
I am grateful for sunlight and moonlight and stars. 
For clear nights and blue skies.
I am grateful for my little hill-top home.
I am grateful for you.

Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives and speak about the things that inspire me, challenge me and move me to change - it is an incredible gift. 

As I close every post, my curiosity is always piqued. What about you? What moves you, inspires you, challenges you, drives you? What are you grateful for today, in this little moment?