Fed. Up.

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to one of my clients who, just like many of us, is stuck in a painful pattern of addiction... with sugar. Our food industry has created products and influenced governmental regulations to keep us in this state of addiction -- where we can't just have one potato chip, or cookie, or slice of pizza.  Our brains are wired to find solace in sweets, to suck down the soft drinks and, after all that, still crave more.  And it's killing us.  

If you've met me, you know that I'm not about living in fear of the food industry.  I'm not a fan of apocalyptic language or scare tactics.  But the reality is that, unless we do something radical to change the food we feed ourselves and our families, we're going to see higher rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and so much more.  

FED UP, a film from Laurie David, Stephanie Soetchig and Katie Couric, hits theaters around the country on May 9th. Who's coming with me?

Kate McCarthy2 Comments