A badass woman and one little question.

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to see a National Geographic Live presentation by Jodi Cobb.  The woman is seriously incredible.  First female NatGeo photographer.  One of the first photographers allowed into China after it reopened to the West.  She's kick-ass woman-power and compassion coupled with the ability to make people feel and learn and change the world when they view her work.  From the life of the secretive Geisha in Japan to the millions of men, women and children captured and enslaved in the global trafficking market, Jodi has had the unique opportunity to photograph hidden lives and empty spaces, witnessing loving intimacy and heartbreaking humanity.  In her presentation, she speaks of her experience, of fear and deep sadness, purely authentic joy and connectedness.  A one-of-a-kind life lived without bounds.

But, it was one question, woven throughout, that has stayed with me since...

What can I do that I have never done before?

The question is pure, innocent, almost childlike.  It's possibility and passion, adventure and exploration.  When asked with openness and curiosity, it's like a match, igniting the flame of our most foundational desires.  It elicits a visceral response, a physical response -- one that can be big or small, audacious or as simple as breathing.  At it's core, it's an opening to potential.

Ask yourself this question. What comes up?  Your first thought, first reaction.

Possibility. Potential. Adventure. Openness.

People-watching on the cross-town bus. Waking up twenty minutes early for AM yoga. Standing in front of the mirror and truly loving yourself, if only for just a moment. Rock climbing or sea kayaking. Saying hi to a neighbor. Inviting a friend to dinner. Saying no to an opportunity that doesn't feel quite right. Saying yes to one that does. Walking instead of driving. Trying a new food, meeting a new friend. A hot bath. A cool walk in the rain. A new book. A new blog. 

What gets your juices going? What excites you, turns you on?

That flicker within you exists as a hint to unlock a life of joy and connection, excitement and adventure, focused passion and peace.  Making the conscious decision to explore, to do something that you have never done before, opens up your experience -- awakens your desires and creates a path to a life that you love.  Make a mistake?  Choose something that totally sucks?  You know a little more about yourself now. And that, my friend, is freaking beautiful. 

What can you do that you have never done before?

Kate McCarthyComment