This week, Wellness by Kate marks its official launch in Seattle, Washington!  After a crazy holiday season, filled with visits from family, packing, graduation, more packing, a whirlwind two-day road trip from Flagstaff, Arizona back to our hometown of Seattle, Christmas, unpacking, New Years, still more unpacking, starting jobs and officially marking the Seattle launch of Wellness by Kate (whew, can you sense the fabulous, positive, sometimes hectic movement?), words can’t describe how wonderful it is to be here.

It’s good.  It’s so very good.

In the midst of business building and finding our ground here in the Pacific Northwest, I have been reveling in the heart-breaking, breath-taking beauty of the mundane.  Focused more on the Soul than the to-do list (though the to-do’s are certainly getting done), I am loving the simple rhythm and invigorating expansiveness of the everyday.  Taking in energy from the simple walk to Starbucks on a drizzly morning.  Cooking delicious food while listening to lectures.  Coming here to this place to connect with you.

Today has been simply amazing.

And for that, I am undeniably, speechlessly grateful.

For brilliant lectures filled with passion, love and scientific inspiration.

For my new favorite Pandora station.

For long walks.  For long walks with my four-legged soulmate.

For deeply inspiring books.  For soul-work and green tea.

For brainstorming.  For those along for the journey.

For lists and goals and figuring out the why of it all.

For green juice.  And physical transformation.

For figuring out that I just might like things I never thought I would.


Your turn.

With heartfelt warmth and expansive joy,



Kate McCarthyComment