Hit a brainstorming dead-end today.  Decided to go for a walk.  Gotta grab those couple ingredients that I need to make my kick-ass kale salad tonight.  Threw on a jacket, walking shoes, grabbed my keys and jogged outside.  Forgot that I was in Seattle.  It’s raining.  Hard.  Went back inside.

Contemplated staying in.  Contemplated remaining in the warm, the cozy, the comfort of my little one-bedroom apartment.  Tempting.  Oh so tempting. 

But I didn’t.  Traded out one jacket for another.  Threw on an extra layer and headed out.  Into the cold, the wet, the discomfort.  Jogged downstairs (again).  Leaned into the rain and made it happen.

Allowed the rhythm of my steps, the splash of the Seattle rain on my cheeks, the heartfelt hello’s to strangers (and their dogs) to take me somewhere else.  Somewhere where brainstorming and inspiration and exuberance live.  Leaned in, made the choice (however simple), and regained excitement.  Back onto the highway of empowerment and expansion and holy-cow-something-real-is-happening engagement.

And now I’m here, talking to you.  My mind whirring with just how exciting it is to feel good.  How transformational it is to lean in, make the choice, and choose my fullest self.  To make choices that lead to greater joy, and more energy, and more peace.  Or whatever it is that you truly want to feel in your heart of hearts.  To feed myself with real food and real conversation and real connection.  It’s pretty dang cool.

Want in on the ride? Put on your rain jacket. Lean in. And make the choice.

Kate McCarthyComment