surrendering to the soul. and what comes next.


I looooooove coffee dates. 

It's not so much the coffee or tea (though it doesn't hurt if that's delicious, too), but, man oh man, do I love me some coffee dates. Friends curled up with steaming cups of yum, catch up, downloading life, and unwrapping, in vulnerability and loving community, the journey of the soul. 

And, as a solo-preneur, I try to get my hands on as many coffee dates as I can. Honestly, I can only handle so much of myself (I'm awesome, but not in the alone-with-only-myself-for-24-hours kind of way), and, more importantly, I love getting a taste of human connection in the midst of the daily biz life. 

Last week, I got to meet with one of my most phenomenal-est (yes, that's a new word) and dearest local friends. This girl, we'll call her A, has no idea how seriously badass she is -- despite her biggest self-doubts and fears, she continues to make choices that stretch her to expand, take risks and choose herself. We all need a friend like A in our lives.

In the midst of our conversation, downloading stories about the classes and wedding planning, families and the oh-so-tender topic of "where is my life going?", we dipped into a conversation about the biz life. I shared with her my recent musings, inspired self-reflection borne of the end of another year. 

I told her I was scared, but scared in the way that's thrilling and terrifying in the way that nature's wonders are terrifying. There are goosebumps and chills, urges to crawl back into bed and cravings for hugs. There are rushes of adrenaline and heart palpitations, brainstorms and laughter. I shared that, in 2015, I wanted to change things up, bring things more fully into alignment. 

... And that meant letting go.

She smiled slightly, leaning in. Just go for it. Let go. You'll never get anywhere doing something that you feel like you have to do as a part of your business. You're obligated only to yourself, let your passions define what you create, not the other way around. 

As we continued talking, she reminded me this soul urge is nothing new, spoken in whispers throughout the past year.  

Listen to what you've been saying, babe. Damn.

For a while now, there has been buzzing in my soul, urging me, leading me to make some much-needed changes to parts of my business and brand identity. To simplify for the sake of growth. To say no to be able to say yes. To leverage what gets me juiced, pulls me out of (a very warm, flannel-sheet covered) bed in the morning, keeps me up thinking and dreaming late at night. To practice what I preachIt's December, and I am just now learning to listen, to surrender to my soul.

So what does that mean?!

It means that I'm getting back to basics. 

Practically speaking, it means I'm saying no. Most immediately, to The Radiant Life. I've decided to cancel the January 2015 group programming. As 2014 winds down, I'm using this unusually quiet time to reorient to self, revamp our company vision, and plan for some big-time offerings in the new year. To do that, it means letting go. 

I'm saying no... in order to be able to say YES. To authenticity and alignment and whole-person embodiment and passion. It's crazy scary and unbelievably invigorating. In the new year, you'll see more free content, more opportunities to connect and dig in, more expansion. And, for that to happen, you'll also see a whole lot less static.

And I'm looking to you. To share and connect. What do you need to learn and see and experience in 2015? In what ways do you need to surrender to your soul and say a hell yes to you? Where do your comfort zones need to be stretched?

In the coming weeks, look for ways to connect more directly with us here at Wellness by Kate. Your first opportunity is coming up! Come join me in deserving, demanding and insisting on self-love with The Irresistible Woman weekend workshop.


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