Happy Green Girl DIY: Non-Toxic Fabric Spray

It's offish, y'all. After one of the most brilliant summers I've ever experienced here in the Pacific Northwest (thank you, climate change...??), autumn has officially come to roost in our little corner of the world. 

Truth be told, I'm kind of in love with the autumnal chill. I'm well aware that, especially for those of us in Seattle, it means the start to a long nine-months of clouds and rain-jackets, but I love transitioning with the seasons. For me, it means stocking up on my favorite spiced teas, new workout routines (goodbye high-intensity workouts, hello downward dog), and, best of all, cozy sweaters and evening cuddles. Autumn means new, reflective creativity, mindfully turning inwards, and a move toward integration. It might be the romantic in me, but I'll choose turning leaves and conversations over tea any day.

Last week, as the weather started to turn and mornings welcomed me with a foggy chill, I started pulling out my favorite fall fashion picks -- warm sweaters, rain boots, light scarves and my favorite olive green jacket. Out came the blankets that we stored deep in our linen closet. 

... And out came that all-too-familiar stale smell of stored clothing and linens. 

In years past, I would have jogged over to the nearest drug store and grabbed a bottle of conventional air and fabric refresher. But, since I've replaced our household products with non-toxic (and often homemade) alternatives, I decided to try my hand at a DIY fabric spray.

In my search for a working recipe, my first attempt was the incredibly simple combination of my favorite fall-scented, protective blend of essential oils (doTERRA's OnGuard Blend) and water in a spray bottle. After a week, the yummy clove scent still hangs on the fabric - it definitely did the job! BUT, I wanted something with a little more staying power. So, after some serious research, here's todays DIY gift to you! 

Happy Green Girl: DIY Non-Toxic Fabric Spray


What you'll need:

Glass spray bottle (I used an old Perrier bottle with an old plastic spray nozzle)

2 TBSP baking soda

2 TBSP white distilled vinegar (you can replace this with rubbing alcohol, vodka or witch hazel)

Hot water

Optional: essential oils of choice 

Directions: Combine all of the ingredients together, adding an essential oil of your choice, if desired. Shake prior to spraying.

Without the EO, the antibacterial/neutralizing properties of the baking soda and vinegar (or alcohol/witch hazel) will leave your fabric with a neutral smell. Adding an essential oil will infuse the spray with the therapeutic benefits of the oil and will leave the fabric with a delicious, non-toxic scent! Please note: If you have a pet, there are certain essential oils to avoid. Here's a great resource for pet safety with EO's!

(Remember to always test on a small, discreet section of upholstery to make sure the spray doesn't leave marks. If you choose to use an alcohol-based product (rubbing alcohol or vodka), it may increase the flammability of the fabric.)

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