I get it.

Writing your website copy is tough.

You desperately hope that the whole of who you are — your depth of experience, your value, and your skill — is more than enough to inspire your people to book the call or buy now.

You think... I know my stuff. I've got the goods. 

Why in the world, then, is it so damn hard to write copy?

You want to - need to - stand out from the crowd. From your home page to your "About Me" to your "Work with Me" page, the words on your website should practically sing off the page - straight to the heart of your dreamiest client.

No one converts a sale with half-hearted copy.

No one captivates their audience with clumsy phrasing and muddled messaging.

So, you struggle. To find the right words, strung together in just the right order. 

You've lost track of the hours that you've spent staring at the same spot on the page.

You've twisted yourself inside-out, and now you can hardly see straight.

If you have to look at your website copy one more time... You're going to lose it.

Breathe. You've got this. I can help.


Amplify Your Heartbeat is a self-study course designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your own soul-soaked website copy.

Don't forget to snag your spot in Amplify Your Heartbeat before May 31, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT when it'll be gone... forever!


I'm Kate K. McCarthy. I've been called a voice doula and a fairy godmother for your words, but - whatever the title - my job is to hear your heart and help you hear it better, too.

Part grammar nerd, part storyteller, and all soul, I get my kicks helping creative and soulful entrepreneurs (like you!) infuse who they are into how they show up in the world.

Words are more than just words, love. They're how you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into a message meant just for your dreamiest clients.

If your copy doesn't bewitch and enchant your readers, you'll never win their hearts.

If industry jargon and vague verbiage make you and your message forgettable, you'll never get a second chance to shine.

That's why I created Amplify Your Heartbeat, a self-study course designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your own soul-soaked website copy.

No more hours lost staring at the blank page, waiting desperately for inspiration to strike.

No more wondering whether your words communicate the depth of your experience, articulate your brand and business vision, and woo your dreamiest clients.

Amplify Your Heartbeat is designed to show you how to amplify your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - by illuminating your expertise, getting clear on your unique brand voice, and writing copy that connects, captivates, and converts. 

With this course, you’ll have the opportunity to...

  • Illuminate, articulate, and own the qualities that set you apart
  • Get clear and grounded in your unique brand voice
  • Learn how to infuse who you are into what you do in the world
  • Make your own rules for how you show up for your tribe
  • Learn how to write copy that translates your heart into words
  • Write the three most foundational pages for your website: About Me, Work With Me, Home Page

Expert knowledge. Guidance. Flow. All things that you'll find here.

I know that, as a soulful entrepreneur, your to-do list stretches a mile long.

Amplify Your Heartbeat is not about adding more to the list. It’s about providing just the right resources and guidance to bust through the resistance that’s holding you back from sharing your (desperately needed!) work in the world. It’s about providing you with a proven system for writing website copy and sharing with soul. It’s about cultivating and creating copy that captivates and connects. No slime. No sleaze. No sticky, salesy “shoulds.”

Just you. On a page. Learning how to share what you love most with the tribe you adore.

Your Investment: $179

Working with Kate did so much for both myself, my business partner/husband, and our business. Kate was able to get words, thoughts, and ideas out of us that we had not otherwise been able to verbalize ourselves. It’s like, she knew what I wanted to say - but she could say it beautifully. She turned our words into poetry. It’s truly beautiful. Kate, you changed the game for us!
— Rachel Wright, Co-Founder of Wright Wellness Center

Want the deets? 

With your purchase, you'll receive the Amplify Your Heartbeat Self-Study Guide, a digital PDF workbook with four modules focused on helping you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into words.

We'll start by getting clear on your brand and business vision and walk through worksheets specifically designed to help you write connected and captivating website copy. You'll walk away with clarity and copy.

The 4 Modules are:

1. Find Your Pulse: Infusing who you are with how you show up in the world

2. Your Story: Writing your "About Me" page copy

3. Your Services: Writing your "Work With Me" page copy

4. Your First Impression: Writing your home page copy

If there's one thing I know, it's that I am deeply passionate about helping soulful humans, like you, get their work into the world - in a way that only they can.

That means guiding you through a proven process to support you in articulating your brand and business vision, crafting website copy with clarity and confidence, and wooing your dreamiest clients.

What's stopping you? It's time to amplify your heartbeat.

So thankful for Kate’s copywriting support! She’s not only skilled at what she does, but she has a heart of gold. Love everything she stands for in her business and the excellent art of copy she has mastered!
— Anna Frandsen, Business Coach + Mentor at AnnaFrandsen.com

What this is and who it’s for…

  • A self-study course specifically designed to encourage and guide inspired action - so that you walk away with both the work and the words, ready to share your pulse and passion with the tribe that you adore
  • A space for you to step into and own your creative expertise, to learn and practice how to write with both strategy and soul, and to discover how to share the magic of your message in a way that’s wholly aligned with your core values and deepest intent
  • This course is for creative or soulful online entrepreneurs (or, my favorite, both!) who want to learn - and practice - how to wield the power of their unique voice with ease.
  • Our community is a safe and loving space for people of all genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, spiritual backgrounds, and experiences. We are dedicated to creating a compassionate and safe space for all our participants, and - by registering for the course - you signify that you understand and agree to act in accordance with this intention.

What this is not…

  • A place where you’ll receive one-size-fits-all, templated tips around copywriting (psst… there’s nothing one-size-fits-all or templated about you, love!)
  • A course where you’ll walk away with a lot of “content”... but not a lot of guidance or actionable strategy.

If there’s one thing I know deeply in my soul (even if you don’t believe it quite yet), it’s that your voice is phenomenal, astounding, and so very real, just like you. It might feel buried underneath fear of typos, unfinished ideas, and worry over word choice, but it’s there.

And I’m here to help you uncover it, believe in it, and step into its power without hesitation.

It's time to amplify your heartbeat, love.

What are you waiting for?

Your Investment: $179*

*But what about after you've written your website copy? How can you be sure that your copy connects and reflects your unique brand voice and vision?

Make sure that your words match your work in the world with a Brand Voice Intensive session, designed to help you leverage your soul-soaked website copy into brand messaging that connects and converts.

Click here to learn more.

Working with Kate made copy writing so easy, efficient and enjoyable! She listened to my story, extracted the best of my experiences and knowledge for my copy and even helped me refine my niche. Working with her saved me days of work and resulted in beautiful copy that I couldn’t have written alone. Kate is worth every penny and I look forward to our future work together!
— Nicole Moorey, Personal Empowerment & Success Coach at NicoleMoorey.ca


When will I receive the PDFs/workbooks for the course?

You will receive the Amplify Your Heartbeat Self-Study Guide immediately upon purchase in your email inbox.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Amplify Your Heartbeat is designed to be completed over the course of six weeks.  Most participants take 1-2 weeks to complete each module and submit each page of website copy. They then find that there’s a little room on the back-end for added support, feedback, and detail work. 

However, like any heart-soaked journey, it leaves room for your own personal experience.

What's your return policy?

As this is a digital product, all sales are final.

But what about after I've written my website copy? How can I be sure that my copy connects and reflects my brand voice and vision?

Make sure that your words match your work in the world with a Brand Voice Intensive session, designed to help you leverage your soul-soaked website copy into brand messaging that connects and converts.

Click here to learn more.

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