Here to hear your heart and help you hear it better, too.

The most beautiful things in life come from the unexpected and the uncomfortable

I know it and believe it with everything I've got.


Entrepreneurship wasn’t my “plan”, nor did I ever foresee my story as what it’s become: Riveting and heart-rolling, terrifying and telling, Kate keeps being brave.


Me, brave? Oldest sibling of four, i-dotter-and-t-crosser-Katie? I may come from a family of creatives and entrepreneurs, I might breathe the wild air of the PNW with every bit of my being, but for oh-so-long, my plans stayed on the safe side, comfortably settled in the straight and narrow.


So what did it feel like to step away from the plans I had for my life - graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in Psychology and dreams of becoming a therapist... only to withdraw from grad school? Terrifying and freeing at the same time.


Or to fall head-over-heels in love with intuitive eating and entrepreneurship, launching my first business, Wellness by Kate, and riding the learning curve as a new business owner and certified health coach, joining ranks with wholehearted humans whose businesses were grounded in integrity, compassion, and love? All right, until it felt all wrong.


By your very nature, you are brave.


Entrepreneurship, by definition, involves risk, facing fears, and doing it anyway.

What was it like closing the doors on a dream and allowing myself to dive deeper, align closer and open the doors to my early work as a copyeditor and brand voice mentor? Bravery never feels brave in the moment.


Bravery is the place where scary and exciting meet.


It’s the tightening, the butterflies in your stomach, and still showing up.

What did it feel like to launch a podcast, absolutely terrified with next to no idea how to navigate tech snafus or editing applications much less marketing, sure only that I wanted to amplify the stories and earned wisdom of creative entrepreneurs who did business differently? Courageous doesn’t mean fearless.


Or, in doing the deeper, transformative work with those early copywriting clients, to watch it give way to unexpected requests and become an invitation into my truest purpose: Do you offer guidance sessions? Would you coach? Can you help me finally get this work out into the world? Soul-shaking and eye-opening.


Do the brave thing. Then do the brave thing again.

It’s the only strategy that works, friends.



I’m Kate McCarthy, my friends call me Katie (and that means you, too!).


I share with you my story of how I’ve come to help wholehearted entrepreneurs and creatives fulfill their most joy-filled, rebellious callings, bringing the big, meaningful work to life because:


  • I believe in you deeply, and I believe that the world needs what only you can uniquely bring to it.

  • I wholeheartedly want you to know that hesitation and perfectionism will never get you anywhere, and shaky-hands-and-wobbly-knees-but-doing-it-anyway is what courage looks like.

  • I’m here to hold your hand and guide you through taking the only action that will create results: Do the brave thing. Then do the brave thing again.


I’ve experienced “doing the brave thing” personally and along with clients. I’ve had the honor of celebrating launches and closures, name changes and service offering transformations, raising prices to centering further and showing up braver within their brand.

And through it all, I’ve learned: bravery is the key to lasting success and bravery creates the results that get your powerful work out into the world.

When you’re ready, friend, I’m here holding space to celebrate your big, brave moves with you.


She got me out of my own head.

danait headshot (2).png
I felt so stuck when we first started. I knew I had something valuable to share and people who need to hear it but I knew I wasn’t communicating effectively with my people.

Kate was beyond insightful. She asked me the questions that got me out of my own head. She was able to pinpoint exactly what makes me different and unique and show me how to tap into that in a genuine and non-salesy way. I realized after our time together that I needed to make the shift in changing my business name and really step into that. It was something I have been wanting to do but haven’t done it because I was just afraid of it. Such a powerful and eye-opening experience.

You are so gifted, Kate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Danait Berhe, Branding Strategist & Designer at Heart & Vine Creative
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Professionally speaking, I am...

  • The owner and founder of Kate K. McCarthy, LLC

  • Host of A Braver Brand ™

  • Featured contributor to Positively Positive and elephant journal

  • Featured writer at Wholehearted Woman Magazine

  • Featured Ambassador of Wordsmithing and Storytelling at Quiet Voice, Big Impact

  • Featured guest mentor in Love Your Tribe

  • Co-founder of The Irresistible Woman workshop series

  • Board Certified Health Coach, AADP, 2014 and founder and body love coach at Wellness by Kate

  • Georgetown University, B.A., cum laude, 2006

  • Professional business and brand mentor, curriculum developer, writer and speaker