Helping wholehearted entrepreneurs fulfill their joy-filled, rebellious callings with radical honesty, unapologetic self-expression, and the kind of connection that moves mountains.

8-week signature mentorship

For when you know it's time.


Maybe it starts in your gut. Butterflies or oh-my-god-I-just-might-puke.

Or maybe it starts a little higher, just behind your ribcage. A quickened heartbeat or a clenched chest. It pounds out what you know is true.

Or maybe you wake up one day and it just hits you.

It’s time.

Time to make the thing or take the next step, to start the thing or quit the thing.

Time to show up (no, like really show up) or share with more depth, vulnerability, clarity, conviction. Time to shift your services or raise your rates or start working with those dreamy clients who light you up with every call, email, and interaction.

Time to push "send" or hit "publish" on that thing that’s been hiding in your heart. Time to start the podcast or launch the Facebook group or take that course that’s lived inside you and finally, finally put it out into the world.

Time to do the thing that you know, deep inside, you were meant to do, teach, create (equal parts exhilarating and terrifying).

You know it’s time to shift, change, grow. To make bold choices. To say yes… and say no. To draw boundaries and bust through comfort zones. To finally take the action that you need to take to get to where you want to go.

You can hear it, can't you? That whisper within?

It's time to be brave.


Welcome to your 8-week signature mentorship journey.

Created exclusively for wholehearted entrepreneurs and creatives who are ready to take forward-moving, transformative, brave action in their brands and businesses, this 8-Week Signature Mentorship combines deep personal and brand clarity with powerful forward momentum to help you finally take that action that you need to get you where you want to go.

We'll begin by identifying what’s on your heart and burning in your soul, clarify your biggest obstacles, and create a collaborative roadmap for the journey ahead. Then, over the course of eight weeks together, we’ll build out the foundation to see your business, visibility, strategy, and creative work through.


Kate helped me see my path more clearly.

One of the wonderful things about Kate is the way she gets you. She takes in all the clues, some you don’t even realize you’ve voiced, and supports you right where you are. Her insightful and wise thoughts, words and advice helped me get clear on a project I wanted to bring into the world but was afraid to take the next step. Kate helped me see my path more clearly and walked along beside me in our time together.

I never felt rush or unsupported (more like fiercely loved). She listened. She reflected. She guided and steered and provided insight but never took over or pointed me in a particular direction. I came away more clear and more confident about my own direction.

Kate has a big heart and an even more beautiful mind. When you work with her, you’ll soon realize that she is in her Zone of Genius. So grateful for the work we did together. Thank you, Kate!
— Grace Howes, Mindset Coach & Soul Nudger at
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It’s here in my 8-Week Signature Mentorship, that you will, depending on your goals:

  • Step into your role as leader/CEO of your business, and figure out how to make the hard, empowering, freeing choices to bring your brand and business to a new level

  • Show up and get courageously visible in your business, both in big, bold steps and small consistent ones, as you send the emails, talk opening about your work, share your face/voice on your social media platforms, etc.

  • Shifting a service, offering, or creative project that feels stuck or unclear - all in a way that speaks to your dream client’s deepest needs and lights you up in the process

  • Finally figure out who you are, what you do, the value of your work, and how to communicate that with your people


Want the deets? Here's a breakdown of exactly what you receive as part of your
8-week mentorship:


  • Six 45-minute 1:1 mentorship sessions via Zoom with one week per month for implementation
  • Recordings of all mentorship sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • My signature Three Pillar System created specifically to help you take brave + aligned action
  • Additional resources, worksheets, and materials to support you through the process of stepping into your bravest, truest self, articulating your work and identifying what needs done to bring it into the world, aligning further into your brand vision, attracting your dream clients, selling with confidence + clarity, and more.

Here are just some of the things that we can/will cover, depending on your needs:

  • Your brand identity + creative vision
  • How to leverage your natural strengths + creative superpowers
  • Articulating your unique brand story + carrying it into and through your next brave move
  • Connecting with + attracting your dream clients
  • How to step into what you’re doing with confidence and ease
  • Personalized visibility strategy
  • Creating an aligned brand vision
  • How to get realigned when you get off course
  • Selling with integrity and confidence
  • Owning your value, bravery, and courage
  • Ensuring that your work + words captivate
  • How to maintain forward momentum when the going gets tough
  • Revisions and realignment, as needed

Investment: $2200

(Payment Plans Available)

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You can hear it, can't you? That whisper within?

it’s time.


After our work together as a part of my 8-week mentorship, you have access to my retainer packages so that you can have ongoing support at an affordable rate.