Join a small group of soulful entrepreneurs (like you!) in Amplify Your Heartbeat, a 6-week course designed to to walk you through the process of writing your own soul-soaked website copy, with the support of a wholehearted community and expert copywriter by your side.


A real-life space for creative and soulful entrepreneurs to focus in on community, self-discovery, expression, engagement, and how those things combine to create meaningful relationships and build better businesses.

Whether you’re seeking more authentic flow and creative expression in your life or are a soulful entrepreneur who wants to learn how to share the magic of your message in a way that’s wholly aligned with your core values and brand identity, we offer several soulful writing retreats every year.

Here's a sneak-peek of what's coming:

  • An in-person writing weekend for soulful entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’ve been dreaming about writing a book, finalizing your blog posts for the year, re-vamping your website copy, or finally finishing the content for your signature coaching course, it’s an intentional weekend away where you can finally complete your creative projects with the support, feedback, and expertise of an experienced voice and messaging mentor (that’s me!) on-site and entirely present for you.
  • A Southern California retreat that combines the magic of physical embodiment and somatic practices with creative expression.
  • A weekend workshop for soulful and creative entrepreneurs built around getting clear on who you are, what you're all about, what you want to be known for, and how to package and communicate it all to your dreamiest clients.
  • … plus much, much more. Because, love, I’m always dreaming.

More information to come on these retreats as they are developed.

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Molly Ho, Lead Designer at Molly Ho Creative

When I first met Kate, I knew immediately that she was different. She has a way of speaking to your heart and soul, asking you the tough questions you didn’t want to ask yourself, and helping you find clarity and purpose through the noise.

I was ecstatic when she told me she was offering mentorships and retreats for soulful entrepreneurs, because she has a way of connecting with people in an authentic and genuine way, which is hard and rare to come by these days.

If your heart is craving for honesty, creativity, beauty, courage, empathy, and compassion, Kate’s your girl.