Hey, you. I see you.

I see you in all of your phenomenal, world-shaking glory.

Maybe you’re a coach or healer who holds your clients through some of their toughest stuff and helps them bask in the glory of the joy that lies just on the other side.

Maybe you’re a creative or soulful entrepreneur (or my favorite kind - both!) living out your purpose by creating beautiful somethings from nothings.

It’s more than creating, though. It’s infusing each thing with the kind of meaning that makes souls gravitate towards you with a wholehearted sigh of relief. Finally, somebody who gets me. 

And yet, there’s still that nagging whisper speaking fear and insecurity into your business: how do you translate your energy into words?

Just thinking about it gets your heart racing – and not in a good way

You question every word. Feel paralyzed at the thought of posting. Constantly wonder if your dreamboat clients will truly understand what you mean and what your value is.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Hi. I'm Kate. I've been called a voice doula and a fairy godmother for your words, but - whatever the title - my job is to hear your heart and help you hear it better, too.

As a brand voice mentor, I help soulful entrepreneurs (like you!) who crave brand messaging that feels and sounds like them, illuminates their expertise, and articulates - with clarity and confidence - their unique brand voice and vision.

Because words are more than just words, love. They're how you translate your heartbeat - and the heartbeat of your business - into a message meant just for your dreamiest clients.

If there’s one thing I know deeply in my soul (even if you don’t believe it quite yet), it’s that your voice is phenomenal, astounding, and so very real, just like you. It might feel buried underneath fear of typos, unfinished ideas, and worry over word choice, but it’s there.

And I’m here to help you uncover it, believe in it, and step into its power without hesitation.

I am the love child of all things literary. I come from a long line of publishers, authors, and editors, each of whom, little red pencils in hand, taught me how to refine a piece of content until it glistens.

Instead of running away from the words in fear, I’m here to help you wield their power with ease.

To see what you don’t see and help you hold and nurture that beauty into a message that shines like a homing beacon in the dark for your people.

Together, we’ll explore all the beautiful crevices and hidden corners of your authentic, untapped voice and craft a message that fits just right.  And when the words are there, ready to be unleashed into the world, I’ll make sure they glisten before you step out on stage and deliver.

Never feel like your heart is unheard again.

Professionally speaking, I am...

  • The owner and founder of katekmccarthy.com

  • Featured contributor to Positively Positive and elephant journal

  • Featured writer at Wholehearted Woman Magazine

  • Featured Ambassador of Wordsmithing and Storytelling at Quiet Voice, Big Impact

  • Co-founder of The Irresistible Woman workshop series

  • Board Certified Health Coach, AADP, 2014 and founder and body love coach at Wellness by Kate

  • Georgetown University, B.A., cum laude, 2006

  • Professional messaging mentor, content and copy editor, curriculum developer, writer and speaker 

Photo by Zoe Rain Photography.